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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Stuff, February 6, 2016
This review is from: Weapon Shield Maintenance Kit 4oz T1343 (Misc.)

I have used all of the main staple lubricants from CLP, Triflow, Remoil, Break Free, to the more recent Frog Lube and I can tell you right now that there is nothing out there that can compare to Weapon Shield.

I am basically lazy and I just want something to work without me having to do hours of prep and heating up the product or my firearm just to get it to where it will adhere properly. I found that Frog Lube gets gummy pretty fast so that one went out the window although it does smell minty. Also if you have an issue you won't get an answer from Frog Lube other than the sounds of Frogs and Crickets. I contacted Weapons Shield, and the head guy responded within a couple of hours, and is a very knowledgable and friendly guy.

To use Weapon Shield you apply it. BAM you're done. Its just like cleaning your gun you have done a zillion times. No special anything.

Now to why it is so different.
One it smells great. I can't quite place what it smells like but it kind of makes me hungry.

Two its non toxic and enviro-friendly.

Goes on very smooth and has unique characteristics where it will actually spread on its own, as well as creep into areas you can't get to, even defies gravity and moves up hill into your weapon. Also a little goes a long way. I just cleaned ten guns and could hardly tell that I used any at all.

Except for the grease, the oil after it sets a bit is not greasy. Your gun looks different as you can see that there is for lack of better words a shield or protective film on it. If you drag a finger across the surface it feels smoother than before without any oily residue.

Here is another neat trick to try out. Use the pen to put some of it on your trigger assembly and work it you will find that the trigger pull poundage is actually reduced.

I also found that the more I shot my Glock and cleaned it with Weapon Shield the smoother the action became. This was especially true on my AR. My shooting buddies noticed it too, and half my kit went home with them from the range. I couldn't say no.
Five Stars all the way, and made in USA.

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Reviews (2)
Midway USA


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